For information about the program, please e-mail Ann Macy Roth (, the Director of Graduate Studies.
  • Photo of Connelly, Joan Breton
    Joan Breton Connelly
    Research/Interest: Greek sculpture and vase painting, Greek myth and religion, Cypriot archaeology, the Hellenistic East.
  • Photo of d'Alfonso, Lorenzo
    Lorenzo d'Alfonso
    Research/Interest: social, juridical, and political history of Syria and Anatolia under the Hittite Empire and during its aftermath (16th-7th centuries BC)
  • Photo of Fleming, Daniel E.
    Daniel E. Fleming
    Research/Interest: Assyriology; Hebrew Bible interpretation and cultural history; ancient Syria; Emar; ancient religion; interplay of ancient Near Eastern societies
  • Photo of Goelet, Ogden
    Ogden Goelet
    Research/Interest: Religion and history of ancient Egyptian culture.
  • Photo of Kopcke, Günter H.
    Günter H. Kopcke
    Research/Interest: Primary: Art and 2nd mill. Mediterranean integration: Crete; art and Greek progress from infiltration to Greek statehood, 2nd – 1st mill.; political origin and role of Classical art. Secondary: Europe, 6th c. B.C. – 6th c. A.D. – ‘Rome North of the Alps’: present and antiquity
  • Photo of Monson, Andrew
    Andrew Monson
    Research/Interest: Hellenistic history; Greco-Roman Egypt; social and economic history; political economy; ancient empires.
  • Photo of O'Connor, David
    David O'Connor
    Research/Interest: Ancient Egyptian art history and archaeology; Ancient Nubia art history and archaeology.
  • Photo of Roth, Ann Macy
    Ann Macy Roth
    Research/Interest: Ancient Egyptian society and religion, particularly in the early periods; gender, royalty, wealth, and rank as expressed in architecture and art; archaeology of cemeteries
  • Photo of Schiffman, Lawrence H.
    Lawrence H. Schiffman
    Research/Interest: Dead Sea Scrolls; Jewish religious, political, and social history in late antiquity; the history of Jewish law and Talmudic literature.
  • Photo of Thomas, Thelma
    Thelma Thomas
    Research/Interest: Late Antique, Byzantine, and Eastern Christian art, textile furnishings, portraits of the Egyptian desert fathers, and monastic dress in Late Antiquity, the developments of ancient traditions during Late Antiquity, and the reception of Late Antique art in modern times
  • Photo of Wright, Rita P.
    Rita P. Wright
    Research/Interest: Urbanism; state formation; gender relations; the ancient Near East, and South Asia.